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How to Use Next-Gen Images With WordPress

Improving the Core Web Vitals for your WordPress site is one of the best ways to boost its rank in Google. Serving “next-gen images” is one of the more frequent… Read more

Mike Davey

Feb 12, 2024

WP Offload Media 3.1 Released: Efficient Offloading and Performance Gains

WP Offload Media 3.1 improves performance for large sites and multisites while also setting the stage for new ways to monitor and manage offloaded media in the upcoming release of… Read more

Kevin Hoffman

Dec 7, 2022

How to Use Xdebug for Advanced PHP Debugging

You could just debug your PHP code using dump debugging functions such as error_log, print, and var_dump, and let’s be honest, we’ve all done it a lot! While helpful sometimes,… Read more

Iain Poulson

Apr 21, 2021

SQL Query Optimization for Faster WordPress Sites

You know that a fast site == happier users, improved ranking from Google, and increased conversions. Maybe you even think your WordPress site is as fast as it can be… Read more

Iain Poulson

Apr 7, 2020

Amazon S3 vs CloudFront: Why Delivering WordPress Media Directly From S3 is a Bad Idea

Amazon S3 is a sensible choice for storing your website’s assets in the cloud, but for delivery the benchmarks show that using a CDN is necessary to see any major… Read more

Matt Shaw

Mar 10, 2020

WP Offload Media 2.2 Released: Offload Existing Media Items in the Background & More

It is with immense pleasure that we’d like to announce the release of WP Offload Media 2.2! 🎉 This release brings the much-requested background offloading of existing Media Library items.… Read more


Jun 11, 2019

Optimizing Laravel Part 3: Improving Performance with Object Caching

This is article 3 of 4 in the series “Optimizing Laravel” In my last article we looked at what a database index is and how we can use database indexing… Read more

Gilbert Pellegrom

Jun 5, 2019

Optimizing Laravel Part 1: The Basics

This is article 1 of 4 in the series “Optimizing Laravel” Laravel is a very popular PHP framework these days and can be used for a range of web applications,… Read more

Gilbert Pellegrom

Feb 5, 2019

How We Built an Email Queue that Can Send 100 Emails Per Second Through Amazon SES

It’s no secret that I’ve been plugging away at WP Offload SES, a new plugin that we’re hoping to launch soon that will make it easier to send your site… Read more

Matt Shaw

Oct 16, 2018

Improve Page Load Time For Your WordPress Site with WP Offload S3: A Case Study

One of the great things about working at Delicious Brains is working on products that I use and love outside of work. I was a WP Migrate DB Pro customer… Read more

Iain Poulson

Aug 7, 2018

Mergebot Now 1,200% Faster: Tuning a Laravel App with Blackfire

We just hit a huge milestone in our Mergebot beta by lifting the 1,000 queries per deployment limit 🎉. We created Mergebot to make merging WordPress databases easy. When we… Read more

Gilbert Pellegrom

Apr 11, 2017

Finding Bottlenecks in WordPress Code

A few months back Iain wrote about how our team pushes each other to be better developers, which included insights into how we improve code quality using tools such as… Read more


Nov 15, 2016

Assets Addon 1.1 for WP Offload S3 Released

We’ve added minification and gzip options to the Assets addon, allowing you to boost your PageSpeed score from a C to an A.


Feb 4, 2016

Level Up

WP Migrate DB Pro 1.2 Released

Late yesterday we pushed out version 1.2 of WP Migrate DB Pro. We’ve been working on this release for the past two months, incorporating feedback received through customer support. Single… Read more


Sep 10, 2013

Level Up

WP Migrate DB Pro 1.1 Released – Now up to 50% faster

On Friday last week, we released version 1.1 of WP Migrate DB Pro. It started out as a small 1.0.2 release with a few bug fixes, but as we dug… Read more


May 28, 2013