Amazon S3 Bucket Object Ownership

In our Amazon S3 Quick Start Guide, we discuss how to configure WP Offload Media to create a new S3 bucket from the plugin interface. We also cover how you can enter the name of an existing bucket, or search your available buckets.

If you do need to connect an existing bucket to WP Offload Media, you might encounter this error when offloading your media to your bucket

WP Offload Media error.

This happens when the bucket’s Object Ownership settings are set to “ACLs disabled”. This means the IAM user can’t access the bucket to upload the media.

To fix this, you need to switch your Object Ownership settings to “ACLs enabled”, and choose one of the available options there.

Update Object Ownership On A New Bucket

When creating a new S3 bucket, under the “Object Ownership” section, enable the ACLs Enabled option and leave the “Object Ownership” selection below this to the default of Bucket owner preferred.

New bucket Object Ownership settings.

Update Object Ownership On An Existing Bucket

If you have previously created a bucket, and you need to change the settings, start by clicking on the bucket name on your bucket list, then click on the Permissions tab.

Edit bucket Permissions.

Scroll down to the “Object Ownership” section and click the Edit button.

Edit bucket Object Ownership.

On the “Edit Object Ownership” screen enable the ACLs Enabled option, and check the box to acknowledge the change. Leave the “Object Ownership” selection below this to the default of Bucket owner preferred.

Edit bucket Object Ownership enable ACLs.

Save your changes, and then retry the Offload Now button in the WP Offload Media plugin. If you’ve enabled ACLs correctly, your media should upload to the S3 bucket successfully.

WP Offload Media success.