Compatibility With Other Plugins

WP Offload S3 has been coded to use WordPress hooks and filters for uploading attachments and serving their URLs. This means that, for the most part, the plugin should be compatible with other plugins.

Most compatibility issues arise when WP Offload S3 is configured to remove files from the server after uploading to S3. Many types of plugins like sliders, galleries and optimization tools require access to the local file. With so many of these kinds of plugins on the WordPress repository, not to mention premium plugins, it is hard to cater for them all. But we do attempt to cover those plugins we have encountered issues for as we find them.

WP Offload S3 Lite

Out of the box the plugin supports the WordPress image editing and Customizer image tools, as well as the popular Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. It also allows plugins to communicate with S3 images, even if they have been removed from the server, fixing the majority of plugin compatibility issues.

WP Offload S3

The paid version adds specific compatibility with the following plugins:


We have a number of plugin specific integrations that provide extra functionality and compatibility code, allowing those plugins to integrate with WP Offload S3:

If there is another plugin you are having issues getting to play nicely with WP Offload S3, then get in touch.

Caching Plugins

You should have no issues using WP Offload S3 for your media library alongside a caching plugin like WP Total Cache or WP Rocket. It’s important to remember that WP Offload S3 doesn’t provide a page caching solution, which is one of the most important things you can implement to speed up your website. WP Offload S3 is designed to work alongside an existing caching solution such as Varnish or FastCGI caching, or a caching plugin.

When using the Assets addon there are a couple of things to keep in mind. As the addon offloads and serves your site’s CSS, JS, and other asset files to S3, you will need to turn off that similar feature in your caching plugin.

It is also worth considering if the Assets addon is the right fit for your needs, if your existing caching solution works well.

Third Party Addons

Whilst we can’t build a compatibility addon for every plugin that needs one, we do have a bunch of hooks and filters available that should allow a developer to build their own addon to accomplish what they need. A great starting point is our Tweaks plugin, and we will be happy to assist with development where necessary.

If you have built an addon let us know, it would be great to feature it below: