WP Migrate DB Pro 1.4 & CLI Addon Released

By Brad Touesnard, Founder & CEO

We’re very excited to announce the final release of WP Migrate DB Pro 1.4 and the new CLI addon. The beta test over the past 4 weeks only revealed one minor bug, so we’re pretty happy that the refinements we’ve been making to our internal testing has been paying off.

This update brings a slew of improvements and features, the most notable of which we’ve already described blogged about over the past couple of months:

This release also includes internationalization support. Our first translation (Brazilian Portugese) was already submitted during the beta and we plan to release it with version 1.4.1. We also plan to setup a GlotPress install soon to better manage translations and allow translators to submit their translations including those strings that come from our API. But if you’re interested in translating, don’t hesitate to get started now.

Version 1.4 Change Log

  • New: Internationalization fully supported — Bring on the translations! 🙂
  • New: Migration controls, pause/resume and cancel (details)
  • New: Option to select plugins to not load for migration requests — improves performance and reliability (details)
  • New: CLI addon (included with Developer license or better) enabling execution of migrations via WP-CLI or using a function call (details)
  • New: Option to include/exclude transients for a migration
  • Improvement: Find & replace UI (details)
  • Improvement: Reworked Post Type controls to be less confusing
  • Improvement: Added warning messages when find and replace has not be filled in correctly
  • Improvement: Clearer license validation error messages
  • Bug fix: Errors not shown in the UI when an AJAX request error occurs
  • Bug fix: Some errors were not being recorded in the error log
  • Bug fix: Plugin can be activated on subsites in a multisite install
  • Bug fix: Some URLs not replaced in subdomain multisite install
  • Bug fix: Ability to push when push was disabled
  • Bug fix: Sitewide notices overlapping the plugin’s title
  • Bug fix: False positive “Invalid Content Verification” errors
  • Bug fix: Added error supression to the set_time_limit() function call

About the Author

Brad Touesnard Founder & CEO

As founder of Delicious Brains Inc, Brad has worn many hats. He now spends most of his time managing the product teams and growing the business. Before starting this company, Brad was a freelance web developer, specializing in front-end development.