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WordPress, JavaScript and PHP Conferences to Add to Your Calendar in 2020

Whether you’re hoping to speak at a conference, looking to network or just there to learn, attending a conference can be beneficial to you and your career in a number…

Caillie West

Jan 14, 2020

WordPress Developers Industry Report

How Much Money Do WordPress Developers Make? That and More Insights on the Life of a WordPress Developer in Our First-Ever Industry Report

As a web developer, there’s always that curiosity about what your peers are up to. Where are they from? How much do they make? Do they work remotely? Over the…

Caillie West

May 28, 2019

Blog Comments Are Dead. Or Are They?

Blog post comments are dead. Or wait, they’re back. They’re definitely a pain. But also maybe they’re worth it? The debate about blog post comments and whether they’re worth it…

Iain Poulson

Jan 2, 2019

Title Image - Side Project Marketing That'll Actually Deliver Results

Side Project Marketing That’ll Actually Deliver Results

If you’re at all like our own developer team, even though you have a “main gig” you still enjoy the creative outlet of working on side projects. Side projects like…

Liz Lockard

Nov 13, 2018

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Giving a Talk

I’ve attended many conferences in my time and watched every single speaker with admiration, because just the thought of getting up and talking to an audience myself leaves me in…

Iain Poulson

Nov 8, 2016

Hey WordPress Developers, Your Clients Should Own Their Plugin Licenses

Before we get into this I want to say that WP Migrate DB Pro doesn’t really apply here. It’s a developer tool so the developer should own the license, not…


Jun 14, 2016