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DE{CODE} 2023: Developer Focused WordPress Education

You know code…but do you know DE{CODE}? Hosted by WP Engine, this 100% virtual event is dedicated to helping WordPress developers build smarter, maximize conversions, and modernize the user experience.… Read more

Mike Davey

Mar 3, 2023

2021 Year in Review: Tripled, Acquired, Reborn, and Humming

TL;DR — Despite the pandemic, we had a great year as a team and as a business. We tripled the size of the team, acquired ACF, shipped and published a… Read more


Jan 6, 2022

2020 Year in Review: Business in the Front, Business in the Back

TL;DR – 2020 has been a difficult year for us, but we still did very well and feel very fortunate. Despite the fear and uncertainty of a pandemic and hiring… Read more


Jan 4, 2021

2019 Year in Review - Double the Products, Double the Fun

2019 Year in Review: Double the Products, Double the Fun

TL;DR – We launched two new products this year (SpinupWP and WP Offload SES), kicked off a new chapter for WP Migrate DB Pro, made big improvements to WP Offload… Read more


Jan 8, 2020

The End of Jigoshop? What Happened to The Once-Popular Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

I woke up this morning to an email from an old client from my days as a freelancer building WordPress sites, asking about SCA compliance. I built them an ecommerce… Read more

Iain Poulson

Sep 24, 2019

Team Retreat In Berlin

Delicious Brains In Berlin: Our Fifth Annual Company Retreat

Back in June, our team got together for our fifth annual retreat. After a couple years of not basing retreats around a conference, the team decided to give the conference-based… Read more

Caillie West

Aug 6, 2019

2018 Year in Review: Our Most Productive Yet

This has been the most focused and productive year for Delicious Brains, Inc., yet. We shipped a bunch of new features for our existing products and built two new products.… Read more


Jan 15, 2019

Team Retreat In Jamaica

Delicious Brains In Jamaica: Our Fourth Annual Company Retreat

Back in May, our team met up for our fourth annual company retreat. This time around we had decided on somewhere hot (for May) and Jamaica ended up receiving the… Read more

Iain Poulson

Jun 19, 2018

title image with Delicious Brains logo

2017 Year in Review: Hiring, Firing and Revenue Details

This past year was a rollercoaster of a ride. Some high highs and low lows. We added team members and had to let some go. We saw dips in revenue… Read more


Feb 6, 2018

Team Retreat In Nova Scotia

Delicious Brains in Nova Scotia: Our Third Annual Company Retreat

Back in August, our team met up for our third annual company retreat. We chose a location (literally) close to my heart: Nova Scotia. This year was the first year… Read more


Dec 19, 2017

2016 Year in Review

For the last couple of years, I’ve published a “year in review” post on my personal blog. (In fact, that’s all I’ve published on my blog in the past two… Read more


Jan 10, 2017

Freemius Monetization Review: An Easy Way to Sell Your Plugins and Themes

Ever since building my first WordPress plugin I have been interested in the different business models around monetizing plugins. A while back I heard of Freemius, a monetization service for… Read more

Iain Poulson

Aug 30, 2016

Team Retreat In Vienna

Delicious Brains in Vienna: Our Second Annual Company Retreat

A few weeks ago, our team descended upon Vienna, Austria for our second annual company retreat and WordCamp Europe. After last year’s retreat around WordCamp Miami we had decided that… Read more


Jul 19, 2016

Hey WordPress Developers, Your Clients Should Own Their Plugin Licenses

Before we get into this I want to say that WP Migrate DB Pro doesn’t really apply here. It’s a developer tool so the developer should own the license, not… Read more


Jun 14, 2016

The Awkward Addon Pricing Model For WordPress Plugins

The release of WP Offload S3 this year saw our portfolio double in size and, like our flagship product WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload S3 comes with addon plugins… Read more

Iain Poulson

Jan 7, 2016

Struggles Developing a Commercial WordPress Plugin

Building software to sell is a tricky business. It isn’t always as simple as writing code and getting people to buy it. WordPress commercial plugins come with their own set… Read more

Iain Poulson

May 19, 2015