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Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 3 – Elm

This is article 3 of 3 in the series “Building Reactive WordPress Plugins” In this final part of the Building Reactive WordPress Plugins series I’ll be exploring using Elm to… Read more


Sep 20, 2016

Freemius Monetization Review: An Easy Way to Sell Your Plugins and Themes

Ever since building my first WordPress plugin I have been interested in the different business models around monetizing plugins. A while back I heard of Freemius, a monetization service for… Read more

Iain Poulson

Aug 30, 2016

Assets Addon 1.2 for WP Offload S3 Released

Another awesome iteration of the Assets addon has arrived. In version 1.2, we’ve redesigned part of the UI to fix some of the things that have been irritating us. For… Read more


Jul 27, 2016

Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 2 – Vue.js

This is article 2 of 3 in the series “Building Reactive WordPress Plugins” In the first part of this series I showed you how to build WP Cron Pixie, a… Read more


Jun 7, 2016

How My JavaScript Almost Crashed Your Browser and How I Fixed It

About a week before we launched WP Migrate DB Pro 1.6, I had my heart broken by Ashley Rich in our slack channel. It went something like this: /——dramatization——/ @bradt:… Read more


May 17, 2016

WP Migrate DB Pro 1.6 Released

WP Migrate DB Pro had its third birthday just over a week ago. Yep, 3 years since the first release! Since it’s launch, WP Migrate DB Pro’s UI has been… Read more


Apr 25, 2016

Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 1 – Backbone.js

This is article 1 of 3 in the series “Building Reactive WordPress Plugins” This is the beginning of a short series of articles showing how to create a simple WordPress… Read more


Apr 12, 2016

Using Codeception to Automate WordPress Plugin Testing

When the time comes to release a new update to one of our plugins, the Delicious Brains team gets all excited at delivering more features and improvements to our customers,… Read more

Iain Poulson

Apr 5, 2016

WP Offload S3 1.1 Released

Today is release day for WP Offload S3 and with it comes some new features and some changes. The free edition of the plugin has been renamed to “WP Offload… Read more

Iain Poulson

Mar 8, 2016

Assets Addon 1.1 for WP Offload S3 Released

We’ve added minification and gzip options to the Assets addon, allowing you to boost your PageSpeed score from a C to an A.


Feb 4, 2016

WordPress Plugin Review: WP Pusher

WordPress Plugin Review: WP Pusher

While the WordPress core project still uses SVN for version control, it’s pretty safe to say that the vast majority of serious WordPress developers use Git on their own projects.… Read more


Jan 26, 2016

The Awkward Addon Pricing Model For WordPress Plugins

The release of WP Offload S3 this year saw our portfolio double in size and, like our flagship product WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload S3 comes with addon plugins… Read more

Iain Poulson

Jan 7, 2016

WP Migrate DB Pro 1.5 & Multisite Tools Addon 1.0 Released

We’re very excited to announce the release of WP Migrate DB Pro 1.5 and the all-new Multisite Tools addon. We’ve already cheated a little by giving you a video preview… Read more


Jun 24, 2015

WordPress Library Review: Extended CPTs

There are a number of introductions to WordPress Custom Post Types (CPT) to be found on the web that show how to create them, both with admin plugins and manually… Read more


Jun 23, 2015

Struggles Developing a Commercial WordPress Plugin

Building software to sell is a tricky business. It isn’t always as simple as writing code and getting people to buy it. WordPress commercial plugins come with their own set… Read more

Iain Poulson

May 19, 2015

How We Unit Test WP Migrate DB Pro

When you have a professional grade WordPress plugin such as WP Migrate DB Pro whose core functionality requires communication between two WordPress installations, how on Earth do you set up… Read more


Jan 29, 2015

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Media Files addon 1.3 & CLI addon 1.1 Released

We’ve put a lot of work into these releases and are happy to be sharing them with you finally. For a brief list of the changes, see the Media Files addon changelog or the CLI… Read more


Jan 26, 2015

WP Migrate DB Pro 1.4 & CLI Addon Released

We’re very excited to announce the final release of WP Migrate DB Pro 1.4 and the new CLI addon. The beta test over the past 4 weeks only revealed one minor… Read more


Jun 25, 2014

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Media Files addon 1.1 released: Now supporting push

We’ve just released version 1.1 of the Media Files addon for WP Migrate DB Pro. The most notable change is the addition of push support. Now when running a push… Read more


Mar 11, 2014

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WP Migrate DB Pro 1.3 & Media Files Addon Released

It’s been a little while since our last major release but we’re very excited to announce the release of WP Migrate DB Pro 1.3. This update brings a slew of… Read more


Dec 13, 2013

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WP Migrate DB Pro 1.2 Released

Late yesterday we pushed out version 1.2 of WP Migrate DB Pro. We’ve been working on this release for the past two months, incorporating feedback received through customer support. Single… Read more


Sep 10, 2013

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WP Migrate DB Pro 1.1 Released – Now up to 50% faster

On Friday last week, we released version 1.1 of WP Migrate DB Pro. It started out as a small 1.0.2 release with a few bug fixes, but as we dug… Read more


May 28, 2013